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 A Builders Warranty Inspection may cover repairs or replacement of several systems or specific appliances in the home. In order to take full advantage of this warranty, it is prudent to get the home inspected before the warranty expires.

During a Builders Warranty Inspection our inspector will look at the following items:

  • Plumbing Systems - This includes faucets, laundry connections, water heaters, and exterior hoses. The inspector will look to see if any dripping or leaking is occurring.
  • Electrical Work - An inspector will want to examine panel and sub-panel boxes. Breakers, fuses, most outlets and switches are also included.
  • Floors & Lighting - An inspector will look to see if there are any gaps between walls and floors, if the floors are uneven, or if nails are sticking out anywhere. They may inspect windows along each wall as well.
  • Roofs & Gutters - An inspector will usually check the roof during an inspection when accessible and safe to do so. There are certain exceptions that include an extremely high or steep roof, or if weather conditions pose dangers.
  • Foundation & Drainage - This portion of the inspection would include the foundation and the drainage area around the foundation. An inspector looks for things such as cracks or draining problems.
  • Fireplaces & Decks - If your home has any fireplaces or decks, a home inspector will want to examine these areas. They'll look for cracks, leaks, and wood that is bowing on decks.
  • Major Appliances - An inspector will check items such as ovens, ranges, microwaves, dishwashers, dryer vents, and garage door openers. Specific checks might include verifying that the oven doesn’t heat too quickly, and that the dishwasher doesn’t have any leaks.

After the inspection is completed Apex One Home Inspection will provide a detailed inspection report with a comprehensive, easy-to-understand overview of the home. Filled with digital photography indicating the repairs the home may need.

Available throughout South Florida, Apex One Home Inspections provides clear and professional reports generated within 24 hours of inspection completion. A digital copy will be sent directly to you along with digital colored photographs.

Builders Warranty Inspections

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