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Are you protecting your home from being invaded and severely damaged by termites? One of the best preventative measures that you can take for your home is to schedule regular termite inspections. These inspections also known as WDO Inspections can catch an infestation in its infantile stages and allow for the quick elimination of these small insects that can cause major structural damages.

Termites enter into homes silently and can work for months or even years undetected; and once signs start to show, unfortunately, it usually means that severe damages have already been done. Termites left untreated can cause serious structural damages inside of homes, they can cause floors to buckle, walls to become paper thin, ceilings to droop, windows and doors to become warped, and in extreme cases can cause your home to be unsafe to live in.

Termite inspectors are highly trained, educated, experienced, and meticulous in their inspections; they can determine the presence of termites way before you can or someone with a less trained eye could.