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Wind Mitigation

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Available throughout South Florida, Apex One Home Inspections provides clear and professional reports generated within 24 hours of inspection completion. A digital copy will be sent directly to you along with digital colored photographs.

South Florida is known for it's abnormal weather changes, Strong winds, and hurricanes are two very known conditions, so why not stay protected? Knowing how to keep your windows, doors, skylights, and garage doors protected can help you receive credit or a discount with your insurance.

Shutter Mitigation

A Wind Mitigation inspection is typically required to receive an accurate quote from an insurance company. Every home is created with structures that are designed to shield it from strong elements and wind. Whether you are a current home owner, buying a home, or selling a home, Apex One Home Inspections will help you know the condition of your home. Florida Law qualifies wind certified homeowners for credit and discounts on their annual insurance. 

The Wind Mitigation collects the following information:​

  • The age of the home, this is what determines what building code was in place at the time of construction.
  • The age of the roof, this is what determines what building code was in place at the time of construction.
  • The roof deck attachment, roof-to-wall connection, roof shape, existence of a Secondary Water Resistance
  • Type of hurricane protection (shutters or panels or impact ratings) provided for window and door openings.